Turtle Rescue of Long Island

March 2, 2007

February, 2007

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We’ve certainly got a full house here now. One little Painted turtle was adopted out, but many other turtles and torts came in. Some we are still looking for homes for. Some are ill and receiving care to get them in shape for adoption. The two smaller Sulcata that came in here in December have a home to go to, but we need to wait for the weather to warm up. Another Sulcata came in that is not in very good shape. Real bad pyramiding, but his shell is pretty hard. We have a really kind adopter down in Texas waiting for warm temps so he can be shipped. A larger twenty-pound Sulcata was brought in and is being treated for parasites. No fun cleaning up after a Sulcata that has not been on a good diet AND has parasites. Is it spring yet?
I was given a Pink bellied side neck turtle, and this one I am keeping, so not offering this one for adoption. Every once in a while I will keep a turtle or tort that comes in here. Not too often as I need the room for the rescue animals, but this is one of those turtles I’ve always admired, so it will remain here.
Look at this face http://www.turtlerescues.org/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=2813 Beautiful!


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