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April 18, 2007

March & April 2007

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I sort of missed updating for the month of March, so will try to cover all I can remember. It sure did pick up with rescues and adoptions coming in. I had a total of eight Sulcata here at once which is our new record for the most at one time, and I also have a pretty good sized Leopard tort. If it hadn’t been for the streak of warm weather at the end of March, we would have had 12 Sulcata here, but luckily I was able to ship four out then. I have two more Sulcata coming in tomorrow, so no short supply of them around here, sadly enough.
One of the Russian tortoises that I took in from the Reptile store that was in really bad shape hung on for several weeks, but didn’t make it. Poor thing was better off as I had to tube feed him every few days and his strength just never picked up. He was loaded with parasites and seemed to have internal injuries because there was the look of blood under the shell. The other one has done great and is being adopted out to a new home. I’ve lost count already of all the sliders I’ve taken in so far. Too many for sure.


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