Turtle Rescue of Long Island

June 24, 2007

May & June 2007

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Don’t know where the time goes, but summer is here and I’m sure glad it is. All the turtles and tortoises are now outside full time, except for the rehabs and my tiny Leopard torts. They come in at night. It’s so nice to see everyone sunning themselves and getting lots of exercise. We’ve had a large Sulcata here for over a month now who will be going to Florida next month, but for now is mowing the entire pen all by herself, and does a great job too. She must weigh over 50 pounds, but I haven’t had anyone lift her to the scale yet. I can’t, way too heavy. She sure does keep me busy. Don’t know how anyone can keep a tort of this size in their home. The poop I clean out of her tort house daily as well as her river of pee is enough to turn anyone off to the concept that these torts can be housed inside. Outside is work enough. I also have two 6 y/o Sulcata that are so small I had to really look at them several times to be sure they are actually Sulcata. Usually they come in huge at that age. These two are only about 6″ if that. They were kept in a 20 gallon tank and actually had room to move around, that gives you an idea of their size. Another female Sulcata I have here now is the most rambunctious trouble maker. There always has to be one, and she’s it. Can’t house her with any other torts because she starts trouble. Now another 50 pounder is due to come in, so this should be interesting.


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