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April 18, 2007

March & April 2007

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I sort of missed updating for the month of March, so will try to cover all I can remember. It sure did pick up with rescues and adoptions coming in. I had a total of eight Sulcata here at once which is our new record for the most at one time, and I also have a pretty good sized Leopard tort. If it hadn’t been for the streak of warm weather at the end of March, we would have had 12 Sulcata here, but luckily I was able to ship four out then. I have two more Sulcata coming in tomorrow, so no short supply of them around here, sadly enough.
One of the Russian tortoises that I took in from the Reptile store that was in really bad shape hung on for several weeks, but didn’t make it. Poor thing was better off as I had to tube feed him every few days and his strength just never picked up. He was loaded with parasites and seemed to have internal injuries because there was the look of blood under the shell. The other one has done great and is being adopted out to a new home. I’ve lost count already of all the sliders I’ve taken in so far. Too many for sure.

Two very large Yellow belly sliders came in that belonged to a young boy who had to be admitted to the hospital and the family was moving closer to the hospital to be with him and they couldn’t keep them. These turtles are huge. I told them I would keep those turtles here and I hope that some day I’ll here back from them asking about them and maybe he’ll be able to take them back. My heart goes out to that boy and his family.
On April 3rd someone found a Diamondback terrapin on a beach near their home that had three legs chewed off. I didn’t have a real lot of hope for this turtle, but when my husband returned from picking it up I had a change of heart. Although all but the front left leg were completely chewed off, her head and that one leg were not even scratched, nor was the shell, so I thought she should be given a chance to live. My vet took her and removed all the excess chewed bone and skin and sutured her up. I gave her about ten days of just short warm soaks to eat and rehydrate and would hand feed her to get her to eat. Then I moved her into a shallow 70 gallon aquarium. She has finally begun to eat on her own. I think she will even be able to live in our Diamondback pond. Although she only has that one good arm, her tiny stub on the other front leg does move just enough to keep her from swimming in circles, so I’ll give her a try one day to see how she manages. If she can be out there I’m sure she’ll be much happier. If not she’ll be set up in a shallow area of the pond until winter and then be brought in. You can see pictures of her here: http://www.turtlerescues.org/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=1272&g2_page=11&g2_navId=x908289ea
A Giant Wood turtle also came in, which you can also see on the above page in the Photo Gallery. This turtle is in awful shape. The owner knew it was not getting the best care and that’s why she gave it up. It was her daughters pet, but they just didn’t have the proper set up and/or diet for the poor thing. The shell is terribly deformed. We are looking for a good home where this turtle can live outside. We had a few people interested, but so far no real takers.
The Reptile Expo held at Sports Plus arena in Lake Grove here on Long Island was a good show. Although there was an ice storm the night before and driving was horrendous, there was a pretty good turn out. Many venders and reptile lovers came despite the road conditions. My daughter brought my grandson and he had a wonderful time. Pictures can be seen here:
Of course there were some awful sights to be seen with mixing of species and torts not looking very good, but there were also many nice looking torts. It was nice to meet a couple of our TRLI members from the group there.
We are planning a BBQ for July 14th for those that would like to join us for a day of some turtle talk. Just let me know you’ll be there so I have a head count for food.
I think that’s about it. Just real busy taking in turtles/torts and shipping them out. Looks like it’s going to be another busy year! I am very happy, as I’m sure you all are too, that spring has finally arrived!

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