So Many Deformities

Deformities in turtles and tortoises This is a handful of the many turtles and tortoises we have gotten in here that have deformities. We hope by posting these it will enlighten turtle and tortoise keepers so they know what their turtles should NOT look like. So often we get them in looking like this and the people think they are supposed to have those lumps and pyramids. So sad. We need to educate chelonian keepers on how they should look and maybe that will also be a step closer to proper care so when they see these deformities starting they will realize there's a problem.
Every turtle and tortoise needs UVB, if not from the sun then by artificial lamps. Full spectrum bulbs are not the same as UVB bulbs. Every turtle and tortoise needs water. Do your research and be sure you are providing everything your turtle needs for a long healthy life.