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Cuora Amboinensis

This Malayan box turtle came in to the rescue on a diet of egg whites and bananas. The turtle had free roam of the home in which it lived which meant it had no source of uvb, no constant source of water and did not have any basking area. Not to mention that the diet was deplorable. Although the owner thought they were doing the right thing by giving the turtle all that freedom they were actually doing more harm than good. The turtle began to develop problems and they took it to a vet. Once again this was a vet that was not qualified to treat turtles and he began a regime of Vitamin A injections. If I remember correctly there were a total of seven shots of Vitamin A given to this turtle. It must have been deficient and needed some, but as a result of an overdose it did lose quite a bit of skin and it's nails also fell out.
As you can see in the photos this turtle had a severely grotesque overgrown beak, it's tail was absorbed back into it's body most likely from lack of calcium, and it's plastron is also severely deformed. Over time the turtle was rehabilitated and was changed over to a good diet fitting for a Cuora amboinensis. With the help of his munching on lots of cuttlebone his beak began to look really much better and didn't need much more in the way of trimming. After several months of rehab a permanent home was found for this turtle.





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