box turtle

 Scooter the Box Turtle
When we acquired Scooter we were not sure of gender but later discovered Scooter is actually a female. She does not mind her name and we chose not to change it.

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Quilt Raffle

The Quilt Raffle of 2005 was a big success. We will probably hold another raffle next year for another fund raiser so keep checking back for info. Thanks to all that purchased tickets.

Grand Prize: Turtle Stampede Quilt was won by Scott Biski
Congratulations Scott! You are so lucky.

Second Prize: $50 Gift certificate to goes to Maureen Lux

Third Prize: 100 watt Mega ray bulb goes to Carla Carpenter

Fourth Prize: $25 Gift Certificate to goes to Carol Kolb

and the Fifth Prize of the lighted base Turtle Crystal goes to SohniYaylian

Congratulations to everyone and thank you again so much to everyone who purchased tickets to help our fundraiser.

And a special Thank You to M. Sue Hodge of Macedon, NY for donating the Turtle Stampede quilt and making our raffle such a success.


Julie Maguire
Director: Turtle Rescue of L.I.




Turtle Stampede Quilt - This beautifully crafted quilt was machine pieced and quilted by M. Sue Hodge of Macedon, NY The quilt measures 58 x 72.
Sue donated the quilt to be raffled off to raise funds to help the turtles and tortoises that come into the rescue. These funds will go directly to the welfare of them covering veterinary care, medical supplies, housing supplies, food, heating, supplements and anything else needed to help our shelled friends. Thank you Sue for your generous donation.












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