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Kiwi the Yellowfoot tortoise


Kiwi is a Yellowfoot tortoise, barely more than a hatchling when he was brought in. His owner had brought him to a vet because he appeared to be sick and wasn't eating well. The vet was not familiar with tortoises, but rather than seek help from someone that was or tell the client to go to a qualified vet he referred to his old book which implied that a Vitamin A injection is the cure all for whatever ails a turtle. That shot nearly killed little Kiwi. He came in lethargic, eyes swollen shut, pale skinned. The following day his skin began to peel. So much skin peeled off it appeared to be transparent and was a gray color. He was lucky enough that it didn't peel right to the bone. Kiwi was given several months of intensive care and was lucky to survive the overdose of Vitamin A. He has since gone to an adoptive home in California.





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